2cm Architech Porcelain Pavers


Until now, the choice for exterior paving has been traditional concrete and natural or manufactured stone products.

We are excited to announce an innovative new concept for exterior floor installations – 2CM ARCHITECH PAVERS.  

These 2CM Porcelain Tile Pavers offer a blend of versatility, design, performance, simplicity of installation and eco-sustainability. 

For all of the same reasons that you would choose a porcelain tile for your interior flooring surfaces, you can now choose 2CM ARCHITECH PAVERS for your exterior surfaces. 

These 2cm pavers can add a new look to your garden and home with their practical advantages and modern look, you can give your exterior a fresh makeover. 

You can also add value to your home by being water wise, save water today and enjoy your outdoors. 


•             2cm porcelain thickness

•             Exceptional Durability

•             Easy to Clean & Maintain

•             Resistant to staining and mould

•             Resistant to Salts and Chemical Agents

•             No Sealing Required

•             Surface colours WILL NOT fade

•             Easy to install methods

•             Regular rectified sizing


Installation on to grass

Easy to install and remove. Perfect for residential gardens and public parks. 

Resistant to attack from mould, moss and chemical treatments. Installation does not require special equipment or tool.

Installation on to gravel and sand

Easy to install and remove, a perfect design to enhance your contemporary building.  

The ease of installation, the drainage of rain water and the absence of joints are the main advantages of this installation.

Now you can bring the beauty of the inside to your outdoor surfaces. For further installation information, please see the PDF link.

2CM ARCHITECH PAVERS are available in two Series:

The Quartz series is available in the 600x600mm format in 4 natural colours and in the 600x1200mm format in 3 colours that simulate a natural quartz stone in a non-slip R11 surface.


Quartz Series 600x600mm

R265/ pc incl vat

2.77 pcs per sqm


Quartz Series 600x1200mm

R596/pc incl vat

1.38pcs per sqm


The Trail series is available in the 300x1200mm format in 3 natural wood looks.

Trail series

Trail 300x1200mm


R343 /pc incl vat


2.77 pcs per sqm


  *Prices quoted are indicative and are inclusive of vat.