Our locally manufactured wood pellets are an eco-friendly solid fuel which is made from compacted sawdust from the waste by-product of FSC approved commercial sawmills. This means that our feedstock is sourced from sustainable plantations.

Wood pellets are manufactured from pure pine waste sourced from sustainably managed plantations, providing an easy to use, environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution to owners of wood pellet fireplaces.

Compared to fossil fuel or liquid petroleum gas, you can save about half of your expenses on heating fuel. An important factor for the cost-effectiveness of wood pellet heating is the highly efficient pellet fireplace developed for this solid fuel. Wood pellet fireplaces, transform more than 90% of the energy contained in the fuel into usable heat energy. It is this combination of low fuel costs and efficient heating devices that makes the use of wood pellets so cost-effective.

Wood pellet fireplaces have high comfort advantages over conventional wood fireplaces. Once filled with wood pellets, the pellet fireplace automatically feeds the pellets, via an augur, and provides consistent heating for up to 2-3 days. Once a day, the small amount of ash, can be easily removed by a vacuum cleaner. Technical refinements, such as switching on and off and monitoring the heating device by remote control, or as an added option, even by mobile phone, complete the picture of a highly user-friendly heating system.


Italcotto offer our clients who purchase a pellet fireplace from us to join our Exclusive Loyalty Programme.

The benefit of the Loyalty Programme allows you the customer to order pellets online with the option of either collecting the pellets from our stores or having them conveniently delivered to your home.

Upon purchasing a pellet fireplace your unit will be registered on our customer relationship management system and you will receive an email with your unique login details to our website.

In addition our loyalty customers will be able to purchase our 15kg bags of pellets at a 20% discount off the standard retail price.

For further information please contact us on sales@italcotto.co.za

If you are an existing loyalty programme member and you have misplaced your login details, please contact us on  trade@italcotto.co.za who will gladly resend you the details.