italcotto joins stiles

Stiles has incorporated Italcotto from the 1 November 2020 into its business operations and plans to increase its presence in the SA tile industry.

Italcotto’s top trend ranges of wall and floor tiles, 2cm porcelain pavers and vinyl flooring are now available through Stiles stores. Italcotto’s experienced tile sales team, including family members Giovanna Carlone, Tiziana Tarantello and Rochelle Marchesini, have joined Stiles to continue servicing their longstanding clients and assist in the transition of this new and exciting expansion of the Stiles brand. The Italcotto family members are proud to let this passion expand and live on in this new, exciting collaboration with Stiles.

“Absorbing Italcotto into the current Stiles brand will create several exciting opportunities for Stiles to become the leading tile retailer in South Africa,” says Steve Joubert, CEO at Stiles. “We look forward to this new venture and can’t wait to see what the future holds,” he adds.

“There is no doubt Stiles will increase its presence in the South African tile industry through the absorption of Italcotto into the Stiles brand and collaboration of Calore Fireplaces,” says Davide Marchesini, Managing Director at Italcotto and CEO of Calore Fireplaces. “Italcotto’s decades of experience in the SA tile industry will give Stiles the tools they need to succeed,” he adds.


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