Of all roof tiles, bent tiles are surely the most classical and the richest in tradition. They are the ideal solution for buildings of high historical and architectural value and provide the best type of protection for the most complex roof structures thanks to the particular morphology of the elements that can be overlaid in different ways with ample tolerances. This type of installation ensures, among other things, ample and effective air circulation under roof.

Industrie Cotto Possagno produces several different lines of bent tiles for roofing, each suitable for special uses or highly refined aesthetic demands. The “traditional” line consists of the typical red, pink or beige bent tiles; then there is a line of antiqued bent tiles, with a number of different model, designed for use in full respect of the environment and especially for urban renewal projects.

Dimensions  length 450mm; width 180mm – 145mm taper
 Mass per Unit  1.9 kg
 Units per m²  30 with 100mm lap
 Mass per m² 57 kg with 10mm lap 
 Average Water Absorption  7 %
 Batten Centres  – Horizontal  350mm
                             – Vertical                   220mm
 Batten Size        – Horizontal  38 x 38mm
                             – Vertical  50 x 88mm on edge (38x38mm on top of 38 x  50mm) 
Rafter Centres  up to 760mm 
 Rafter Size  114 x3 8mm
 Horizontal Tilt Batten  38 x 50mm
 Minimum pitch  21 degrees