Installations & Servicing

Italcotto offers its fireplace customers a full turnkey service. Our installation team is managed by Lyle, who has extensive experience with fireplace installations who oversees the full installation process with the assistance of Ferial.

Ferial is our friendly customer liaison, who passionately and expertly co-ordinates the fireplace installations, ensuring a seamless and pleasant installation experience at your home.

All our fireplaces are installed by our own in house and experienced team of installers . Our teams of Clint and Charlie, Mkosi and  Zukisani, have all been certified and trained by Calore in accordance with European Standards of installation.

Great care and pride is taken by the team to ensure your fireplace is installed and functions correctly. Your fireplace is personally handed over to you with an operations manual and a practical demonstration.

Our technician, Chadley, makes sure your fireplace is serviced timeously in the off season and attends to urgent call-outs to ensure minimum downtime of your fireplace.

During summer months, when your fireplace is selectively used, it is important to keep it clean and maintained. Don’t delay running a test in the pre-winter season to ensure that everything is working properly and ready for regular use in the colder winter months. This maintenance job takes about an hour and a half and entails stripping the stove, cleaning out any ash build up, re-spraying and reassembling it. Proper maintenance ensures that you never get a build-up of ash and soot in the flue or dust on the motor. Pellet stoves are fitted with an electric motor which automatically pushes the smoke up through the flue pipe. This innovative design means that the service only needs to be done once a year.

Our installation & service department can be contacted at
or 021  276 0421.